Getting ready for spring

As we head into spring, with the worst of the pandemic seemingly behind us, businesses can look forward to the warmer months with a bit more ease than this time last year. In fact, in a recent Aviva survey of over 500 SMEs, 37% expect to grow in 2022. 32% however, have said survival is their top focus, followed by 23% focusing on workplace upskilling and 22% on business resilience planning.*

Depending on your clients’ goals and aspirations for 2022, a clear takeaway from these recent statistics is that business resilience is going to be key for business survival and growth this year. A part of this is staying ahead of seasonal related risks.

We’ve recently updated our spring risk management bulletin which you can download and share with your clients here. Whilst spring can bring us some improved weather conditions, this time of year can still mean heavy rainfall and an increased risk of flooding. Climate change is forcing us to deal with unexpected weather changing patterns more and more. It’s important to equip your clients with up-to-date resources so that they can mitigate against weather-related damages and business interruption.

Chris Andrews, Director of Risk Management Solutions says - “As we head into spring, we consider some of the seasonal risks that your business may face. Prevention has never been more important than it is now in helping protect your business and your people. We hope you find this guide useful in helping manage the risks that this season brings.”

Read our updated spring risk management bulletin for further guidance and resources that will support you and your clients over the coming months.

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*Aviva SME Pulse Survey 2022