Here’s your ready-made underinsurance campaign

Like you, we’re on a mission to help clients tackle underinsurance. So, why not tackle it together?

Created with you in mind, our new Underinsurance Campaign in a Box is designed to give you a ready-made and easy-to-use marketing campaign, specifically to help you start those all important conversations.

Each stage has been carefully created to help take your clients on the journey from thinking it’s an issue that doesn’t affect them, through to realising it’s a real risk that affects everyone and then on to contacting you to find out how you can help get them the right level of cover for their business.

Your 5-stage campaign covers:

  1. What is underinsurance and how it could affect them and their business
  2. Why they should listen to you on this issue
  3. What solutions are available that could help them
  4. How it happens and how can it be avoided
  5. Why they should act now

Open my Underinsurance Campaign in a Box

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We have an email template and a social media asset designed for each stage of your campaign. And when it comes to renewal time, you’ll find two alternative email templates and a social media asset to use then too.

The underinsurance marketing campaign assets are easy to find on Broker Create, alongside further supporting resources that you can share in your conversations or simply use as inspiration for your own communications.

We’d love to know what you think of our new Campaign in a Box. Head over to our Marketing Community on LinkedIn to join the conversation or drop us an email at