Management Liability and COVID-19

Our Management Liability cover is provided in the event a business Director commits a “Wrongful Act”. For this to be considered, they would have to show negligence in their actions that leads to a detriment suffered by either a third party or an employee.  

We split wrongful acts between those that cover the general duties and those for employment.  

The core cover is for Directors & Officers (general and employment matters), with optional entity covers Corporate Legal Liability (general matters should the claim be brought against them and not the directors) and optional Employment Practices Liability (employment matters).

For general duties, our definition of “Wrongful Act” includes any breach of duty or negligent act, error or omission. COVID-19 related issues could be included under this cover.  

For employment “Wrongful Acts”, our insurance coverage for “failure to adopt adequate workplace or employment policies and procedures” could lead to COVID-19 related issues being included under this cover. 

This would automatically be covered under the core D&O cover and the insured would also be covered by the optional Employment Practices Liability section if selected.

We recommend you review the policy wording for full details of cover.