Motor Trade renewal review form

Following broker feedback, there’s a new Motor Trade renewal review to make the process of information gathering that bit easier.

What’s changed?
  • Vehicle Details - the format now allows vehicle types /numbers and full vehicle details to be provided more easily under the correct category, including Trade Plates, Employee Leased or Salary Sacrifice Vehicles, Goods-carrying Vehicles, Personally Owned Vehicles, Sponsored Vehicles.
  • Driver Details - again we’ve updated the format to allow driver category, use and full driver details to be provided more easily under the correct category, including Private Use – Unnamed relatives and friends, Private Use – Specified Persons, Young Drivers.
  • Liability Sections – it’s now easier to record changes to the wages or indemnity limit figures. 
The form will no longer be produced for policies meeting the following criteria : 
  • If there are more than 15 vehicles, or drivers, at any location the form becomes unwieldy in these instances, so the easiest method is for  a bespoke update to be provided 
  • If there’s no Road Risk section on the policy since the primary function of the form is to capture Road Risks information 
  • The form no longer needs to be signed by the client. The signature area of the form will be removed entirely on forms produced from the latter part of 2018 onwards. 
Please note
  • Updates to material damage sums insured and the provision of updated index linked figures are no longer catered for on this form. You need to notify us separately of any updated figures when returning the form. If required, your usual underwriter can provide you with the relevant index linking increase which will allow you to apply to the current sums insured. 
  • Any increases to sums insured recorded on the completed Renewal Review Form will continue to be provided free of charge, from the date of receipt of the form until the renewal date. 

You’ll receive the new Motor Trade renewal form 12 weeks before the renewal date. A copy of the form is also available under your E Docs on Aviva Broking Site 90 days before the renewal date.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your usual underwriter or Aviva Sales Manager.