Our refreshed Commercial Schemes Proposition

Following on from broker feedback and market research, we've recently refreshed our Schemes proposition. A lot of factors go into running a successful scheme but we believe the relationship between broker and insurer is the most important.

We have a broad appetite for Commercial Schemes and want to work together with you to develop, deliver and optimise your scheme throughout its lifecycle.

Why choose Aviva for your scheme?

  • We have a team of over 40 experienced Scheme Managers and Underwriters, working alongside your dedicated Broker Development Manager.
  • You own the Delegation of Underwriting Authority from Aviva.
  • Dedicated growth conversations and a wide range of additional policy covers, including Specialty Lines such as Management Liability and Cyber.
  • Onboarding specialists to help with a smooth transition.

"Commercial Schemes are a key part of Aviva’s growth ambitions, we’re committed to listening to our expert brokers and acting on your feedback. This refreshed Commercial Schemes Proposition is just the start of a series of developments to better support your Schemes. To make any transition seamless, we’ve streamlined our enquiries process and possess a dedicated onboarding team. This is coupled with a broad underwriting appetite for specialist schemes and Aviva’s longstanding partnership approach so that we work alongside you to deliver our mutual ambitions. Our efforts won’t stop there, with more development and tools for our Scheme brokers to come in 2024." Ryan Birbeck, Broker Development Director.

Want to know more about Aviva Schemes? Visit our new webpage on Aviva Broker. Alternatively, if you have a scheme enquiry, you can complete our Delegated Authority Qualification Questionnaire.

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