Refining the Commercial Combined quote journey on Fast Trade

From Monday 30 May, you’ll notice some changes when quoting for Commercial Combined Insurance (CCI) on Fast Trade.

To help you provide more accurate information about your client and to simplify the quote journey, we’ve made the following changes: 

Dynamic Assumptions

Every business is different, so we’ve updated the way our Assumptions work. Instead of having to confirm your client meets the criteria of all statements before continuing your quote, you can now select each individual Assumption that applies. This also allows you to include additional information before the quote is submitted, so if your quote is referred, our underwriters have more information upfront. This flexibility helps to develop a clearer picture of your client to improve quotability.

How you tell us about your non-standard risks

To improve the efficiency at referral, we’ve amended how you can tell us about non-standard risks, especially for Construction. You can now let us know about specific details like the Construction Material for non-standard Property, which is currently attained offline. By capturing this information up front, this will give our underwriters more information to help provide a more seamless referral process.

Questions based on trade

To make sure you only see the questions that matter, we’ll only trigger some questions that relate to the specific trade of your client. For example, we’ve removed the working at Height and Depth statement from the Assumptions page. These questions will now appear under the ‘Business Description’ section of the quote journey and will only be triggered for relevant trades. This means a simpler journey and more accurate information about the risk can be provided.  

Continual improvements

These changes form part of our continual improvement programme. Through listening to your feedback and reviewing data and analytics, we’ll continue to make tweaks and refinements to our number one rated digital trading proposition* where we believe we can provide a better outcome for you and your clients.

As always, your feedback is welcomed. You can let us know what you think directly in Fast Trade. Simply use the ‘Feedback’ functionality in the ‘Options’ menu. 

Head to Fast Trade today to take a look at the new journey. 

*Aviva rated five stars, and ranked number one, for Extranet and eTrade service in the 2022 Insurance Times eTrading Report