We've just made Minifleet even better with single business vehicle capability

In the current economic climate businesses of all shapes and sizes are reacting and adapting their operations, especially small businesses where small changes can make a big difference. We know that having an insurance policy that provides flexibility is one way in which we can support those businesses to survive and prosper and get #backtobusiness.

Many small businesses rely on their vehicles in their daily activities, these are essential to the running of their business. To support you in providing those clients with cover that can grow or shrink with those changing business needs, we’ve extended our Minifleet offering to cater for single business vehicles. This means you can now place business vehicle risks of between 1 to 12 vehicles under our Minifleet product on Fast Trade. 

What’s new?

From 23 November 2020, you can quote and buy a Minifleet policy for risks ranging from 1 to 12 vehicles that are owned and used by your business customers. 

  • We’ve updated our Minifleet quote journey to include clarification that we can accept a maximum of 2 vehicles per schedule, that are personally owned and registered to Company Directors, or the Proprietor or Business Owner where the business is a non-limited company. Risks where the number exceeds 2 can be considered upon referral.
  • Smaller Minifleet business vehicle policies (1-2 vehicles) will be rated on an NCD basis, with flexibility to use the current fleet rating as the vehicle numbers grow. This means we can apply the most appropriate rating for the size of the risk without the need to re-issue, driving a better outcome for your client, whilst also saving you time. 
  • 1-2 vehicle risks will be issued with Specified Certificates with the vehicle registration number showing on each certificate. Please note all mid-term adjustments for these risks will need to be processed immediately for cover to commence. Schedules of 3+ vehicles will continue to be fleet rated with certificates issued on a 'blanket’ basis, maintaining the 10-day window for you to process mid-term adjustments.
  • NCD rated risks (1-2 vehicles) will be offered on a named driver, aged 21 and over basis only, other than for *Special Types and Agricultural vehicles, where we are now able to offer open driving. 
  • We will also be migrating existing single vehicle Truck and Special Types (including Agricultural) policies to Fast Trade. This will commence for policies with renewal dates from 1st January 2021. 

       * Please note the Special Types rating guide and application form have been removed from Aviva Broker.

 How will the migration work?

We’re making the process simple:

  • One of our dedicated underwriters will contact you prior to each renewal to discuss and agree terms. Once agreed, they will key the policy onto Fast Trade and the documents will be ready for you to issue to your client. 
  • Migrating these policies to Minifleet will also deliver additional value. Your clients will benefit from extra cover* provided under our Minifleet product, whilst enabling you to manage this business online, alongside existing Minifleet policies.

*Additional cover available through Minifleet policy includes:

  • Trailer cover provided as standard
  • Personal belongings cover provided as standard (up to £250)
  • Social, domestic & pleasure use covered as standard 
  • EU cover up to 60 days per vehicle, per policy period
Driven by you

We’ve listened to your feedback and delivered the enhancements that provide you with a new digital route for your clients, offering a seamless proposition with greater flexibility to cater for business growth or shrinkage without the need for a new policy.  Enabling you to offer our Minifleet cover to an increased proportion of clients with the speed and efficiency that comes with managing business through a digital platform. 

We believe this increased capability, coupled with the improvements we’ve recently made, such as enabling driving options at vehicle level, ensures we continue to deliver a market-leading Minifleet proposition for you and your clients. 

If you have any questions relating to this or want further information on our extended Minifleet offering please contact our Digital Trading team on 0800 015 2578 (Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm).

Let us know what you think 

As always, we welcome your thoughts on Fast Trade. If you’d like to leave us some feedback on the Minifleet enhancements - or any other comments you may have – select ‘Feedback’ within the ‘Options’ menu in Fast Trade and tell us what you think.