Live Chat for Minifleet on Fast Trade

When you need to ask a question, you want an answer, quickly.

To help speed up response times on Live Chat on Fast Trade, we’ve introduced some automated chat capability for Minifleet. You’ll notice this from Tuesday 14 February 2023.

Designed specifically for the most common and straightforward requests we receive; the automated chat will provide instant answers without you needing to wait for someone to reply. In addition, it’ll be able to tell you if there’s a team better suited to answer your question and provide the relevant contact details where applicable.

We field over 500 requests a day on Live Chat for our Minifleet solution. Being introduced as a pilot, our aim is to get you quicker answers for straightforward questions while reducing wait times for more specific queries that require an underwriters’ assistance and expertise. To get the best out of this capability, please ‘speak to it’ as you would an underwriter as this will be invaluable in helping us to improve the service further.

We know how important access to our underwriters is. Rest assured, we’re not taking this away. You’ll always have the option to speak to one of the team by clicking the ‘Speak to an underwriter’ link within the chat.

Fast Trade is for you and the changes we make to the platform and the products you can trade on there are built with you in mind. If you’d like to share any feedback of your experience of using the new feature, please let us know by completing the rating and comment option at the end of your Live Chat session.

Thank you.