Aviva's new online risk and reputation service - for Cyber insurance policyholders

Any business these days is only a click away from having a good or bad reputation. Bad reviews or negative media coverage, being misrepresented or even just a rumour, can really hurt a small business or a large, national brand.

We've recently conducted some research with YouGov by surveying 500 SME’s on how social media and online-based harms can impact micro, small and medium sized businesses.* The survey found that 39% of businesses are worried about negative reviews and over a quarter of these businesses have suffered from negative reviews or posts online.

Knowing that online reviews and a business’ reputation can have a significant impact on their customers' buying decisions, we’ve partnered with RiskEye to protect against online risk and reputational harm caused by impersonation, ad scams, fake reviews, misinformation and disinformation. By introducing their services to our existing Incident Response service available to our customers with a Cyber policy, we can provide 24/7 365 protection accessible to our Cyber customers as standard.

How can RiskEye help?

By calling our existing Incident Response Helpline where appropriate, your client will be put in contact with an expert at RiskEye, who can provide a mitigation and monitoring  service to help protect your client's business. They use legal expertise to aid the removal of any harmful  online content where possible. Their service can include

  • Support for harm caused by impersonation, ad scams, fake reviews, misinformation and disinformation
  • Solutions to minimise or mitigate potentially damaging online information  
  • Crisis management
  • Helping to establish social media best practice to prevent a reoccurrence
  • Platform monitoring if a post gathers traction

Take a look at our RiskEye loss scenarios to see how this service can benefit your clients and what a typical incident may look like for them.


To find out more information on how your clients can protect their online profile and business reputation, download and share this useful guide.

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*YouGov Survey commissioned by Aviva – 504 SME businesses surveyed between 27th November - 5th December 2023.