A prevention first philosophy

Having the right level of cover for your mid-market clients isn’t just about how we pick up the pieces after an unexpected claim. An exciting time of growth and opportunity for the UK mid-market industry is also mirrored by potential emerging and unexpected risks. 

With 67% of mid-market businesses forecasting an increase in revenue over the next 12 months, it’s alarming to think that only 50% of these businesses fully understand all the risks they face.*

Often, mid-market businesses find themselves facing issues accessing the correct risk management and preventative tools. That’s why our proposition adopts a prevention first philosophy, which looks to support these businesses in mitigating these risks before a loss occurs in the first place. 

We’re committed to providing your clients with the industry focused expertise they need - our Dedicated Risk Consultants will work to identify key areas of risk, for example, new technologies, increasing market competition or changes in government regulations, which could lead to business interruptions or reputational loss. 

We understand that every mid-market business is unique, and therefore requires a risk management solution which is fit for purpose. Our Specialist Partner Network means we can select relevant expertise to provide your mid-market client’s business with the right industry services and solutions, at the right time.

New technology is one of the key areas of risk all mid-market businesses face. With 62% investing in new technologies in the last 12 months, * the risks that follow, need to be adequately factored into an effective risk management solution. Our partners such as RiskEye and Horizonscan can work closely with your clients to understand their online reputational risks, as well as ensuring a robust, regularly tested business continuity plan is in place, should a major incident or loss occur.  

Prevention first is at the forefront of our strategy and drives our service-led proposition to continually evolve, meaning that your client’s business can thrive with the piece of mind that their business is protected. Our locally based underwriters are empowered to make specific and tailored decisions for your clients’ businesses, by leveraging data science and analytics to combine industry insight with relevant cover; resulting in one integrated insurance solution for your client. 

To find out more about how our proposition can support your mid-market clients, please contact your usual Aviva sales manager or local underwriter. 

*Natwest, Mid-Market Britain, 2018