Aviva Businesslaw: legal support that comes as standard for your commercial clients

Are you and your clients aware of Aviva Businesslaw? It’s a part of every Aviva commercial policy – but many customers don’t know they have access to it. Available at no additional cost, it’s a legal resource package that provides help with the kinds of everyday legal issues a business owner is likely to encounter – plus quite a few less-everyday scenarios.

Those running a small business are always going to encounter issues where they could benefit from a little legal guidance. Things like invoice term wording, contract terminology or navigating the creation of a flexible working policy. That’s where Aviva Businesslaw can help – a support package of legal help, tools and templates, it’s designed to address the needs of your small businesses without them having to pay for the involvement of a lawyer.

Aviva Businesslaw has been created in partnership with legal experts DAS and Farillio to give your commercial clients reliable professional advice and support to help them adhere to their legal requirements. Integrated smart template selectors are there to help users find the most relevant template in just a few seconds, while a personalised dashboard allows commonly-used templates to be stored, drafted, shared, and electronically signed in just a few minutes. Comprehensive multimedia guides, made in conjunction with leading industry advisers, offer accurate and up-to-date guidance on topics as diverse as setting up a business, intellectual property rights and hiring procedures.

Legal advice included

And there’s also a 24/7* helpline, providing access to legal advisors on a range of issues. So whether your client is looking for guidance on employment law, insolvency or tax law, support is always just a call away.

Much more than ‘just legal docs’     

As well as providing legal templates, Aviva Businesslaw provides resources to help business owners with the day-to-day running of their business with hundreds of regularly updated expert guides on topics such as:

  • branding
  • crowdfunding
  • financial and tax planning
  • marketing strategy

…plus much more.

It’s a highly useful resource for any business owner and making sure your Aviva Commercial policyholders are aware of it gives you a great opportunity to deliver added value and strengthen your client relationships.

So tell your clients about Aviva Businesslaw today, and give them access to an invaluable source of support across hundreds of business and legal matters.

Learn more about Aviva Businesslaw here. 

*England and Wales only; advice in other jurisdictions is available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays