Aviva Development Zone – celebrating one million completed courses

Our online training platform, the Aviva Development Zone has reached an exciting milestone! In October 2021, we issued our one millionth Open Badge. This represents one million successful course completions since the platform was launched.

This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the thousands of learners, across hundreds of firms, who have embraced the Aviva Development Zone e-learning platform over the last six years.

Every one of those one million badges represents a personal success – whether it be a new starter getting to grips with the industry; a learner refreshing their knowledge of a particular topic; or a CPD goal being reached.

Many of our learners have extensive collections of badges on the Development Zone covering regulatory topics, technical knowledge, business skills, and more. Each badge is meaningful to that individual, and beyond that, to the company they work for and the customers they help day-to-day.

What are Open Badges?

An Open Badge is a digital, online standard for recording and sharing achievements.

Badges are awarded for meeting specific criteria – such as passing an assessment. The Development Zone will issue a badge automatically when a learner achieves a passing grade on a particular module. 

Badges can easily be downloaded and added to personal websites, CVs, or social networks. Collecting and displaying badges allows learners to promote their skills and achievements with evidence of the work they have done to collect them.

Development Zone badges expire after 12 months, meaning that learners need to refresh their knowledge and maintain their understanding of topics on an annual basis. This encourages the learner to view their training and development as a continual process – not simply a one-off exercise.

During the pandemic, online learning has played a major role in enabling training and development to continue remotely where teams have not been able to get together in person. Open Badges are a visual reminder of the individual successes of our learners, and it has been great to see that they have been able to continue meeting – and exceeding – their CPD requirements in difficult times.

Over the years, Open Badges have become truly embedded in the Development Zone platform, as our learners have continued to embrace their own professional and personal development. This exciting milestone is one which the entire Development Zone team is proud to have been part of – and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our learners on their achievements!

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