Aviva’s award-winning solution tackling quote manipulation

Over the last 4 years we have significantly strengthened our Underwriting fraud controls – screening all of our personal and commercial lines Motor products, and avoided over 14,000 suspect and fraudulent policies last year.

Fraud can take many faces, but an increasing threat to on-line business is customers who deliberately and repeatedly misrepresent information during the quote process to “model” premiums and access a price they are not entitled to (“quote manipulation”).  The most common misrepresentations are risk address, date of birth and previous accidents. 

How are Aviva tackling the problem?

At Aviva, we have recently developed a solution that can identify fraudulent behaviour on line and take the appropriate action. Our quote manipulation system monitors motor quotes real time and flags a referral when it finds instances of material information changing throughout the quote journey, leading to a significantly reduced premium.

This has helped us move the fight against fraud from “detection” and the point of Claim, to “prevention” and the “front door”. It is stopping fraudsters accessing your products, avoids exposure to fraudulent claims and adverse loss ratios, whilst keeping premiums low for genuine customers.

In the last 12 months, we have strengthened our controls further, and are now screening for “quote manipulation” across all of our personal motor book.

The impact

By spotting this fraudulent behaviour at the point of quote, we are avoiding 20% more fraudulent risks.

In one Broker case, a risk in Birmingham was quoted at over £2,000. The proposer then went on to model quotes for another 12 addresses before trying to purchase a policy for an address in Inverness at £490! The purchase was stopped and details added to internal watchlists for the future.

We are extremely proud that our Quote Manipulation solution was recognised at the 2018 British Insurance Awards, winning the Technology Award.

We are using our position as the UK’s largest insurers and our insight across multiple distribution channels to protect our Brokers from fraudulent risks – another great reason to do business with Aviva!

For more information

If you have any questions or have any concerns about fraud related activity and the impacts it may have on your business, please contact our Fraud Team at consumerfraud_ib@aviva.co.uk.