Claims support over the festive period

Over the festive period and in times of cold weather, higher than normal claim volumes can be expected across both personal lines and commercial lines. Over the past weekend alone we've received  around 400% more calls than our normal predicted volumes, with many customers experiencing frozen and burst pipes.

This inevitably can have an impact on call-back and wait times, but please rest assured we're doing everything we can to minimise this and deal with all enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Support and Resources

  • You can find claims contacts here.
  • To support you and your clients find out more about our claims service, visit our Claims Service page.

December is naturally a cooler month, but this year has been particularly cold, with sub-zero temperatures across the country. Water expands as it freezes and unfortunately in the case of water pipes, the pressure can cause them to rupture. People may not even be aware this has happened until the frozen pipes begin to thaw, so we’d encourage people to be on their guard for any signs of water leaks. We understand how distressing a water leak can be, particularly at this time of year, so we strongly urge people to take steps now to minimise the chance of future problems if temperatures suddenly fall again.

Kelly Whittington, Property Claims Director, Aviva

With the fluctuations in temperature and the chances of sub-zero temperatures hitting again over the festive period, we urge all of your and your clients to be vigilant to signs of frozen pipes, water leaks and other weather-related hazards.

For more information about how you and your clients can guard against the perils of the winter weather, please take a look at our Winter Risk Management guide or our Loss prevention standards document on Escape of Water and Fluid Leakage.