Congratulations Class of 2021

At the end of November, we said a formal congratulations to our second cohort of delegates on the Aviva Future Leader Programme at our FLP graduation. After completing twelve modules on the programme, the evening was a chance to celebrate the delegates' achievements and to look back on their progression over the past 36 months.

Hosted by our programme trainers John Nutter and Dan Wall, with support from Andrew Scott, our programme partner, the evening reflected on the individuals. Featuring special moments from the course it was an emotional evening with speeches from the training team, programme sponsors and the delegates themselves.

It’s an achievement to stand here today as graduates. Each pearl of wisdom, that we have now will be with us forever throughout our careers. You can’t measure how much of this wisdom will be passed on to the people within our businesses that we lead. You won’t measure how much this will assist us as we strive to deliver the best service to our clients. You won’t measure how the culture within each company will be better over the coming decades because of what we have learnt. Thank you to Aviva for giving us the opportunity to learn and develop as leaders.

Valedictorian - Peter Lycett from AMB Insurance

A huge congratulations to our Class of 2021

  • Adrian Davies - Davies Craddock
  • Alex Edmunds - Uttings Insurance
  • Barry Bown - Dayinsure
  • Craig Wilson - Stanmore Insurance
  • Gareth Rowett - Rowett Insurance
  • Graeme Wooden - Hugh J Boswell
  • Julie Thurlow - Hinks
  • Keri Egan - Circle Insurance Services
  • Neil Thomsett - Adler Fairways
  • Nikki Stuttard - Anderson Insurance
  • Peter Lycett - amb Insurance
  • Richard Mackie - ERMG

Finally, whilst it's goodbye to our second cohort, it's an exciting welcome to our new 2022 delegates who are starting their Aviva Future Leader Programme journey in January. We’ll share more details of the brokerages and our new FLP delegates in the new year. 

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