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Do you want to improve your cyber knowledge so you can confidently discuss cyber risks with your clients? From understanding cyber terminology to why customers need cyber insurance, this online 8-hour Continuous Professional Development (CPD) course takes you through 7 learning modules, with a final assessment for the qualification.

The Aviva Certified Cyber Insurance and Risk Professional (ACCIRP) course has been developed with our specialist learning and development team and external partner RWA, to provide engaging material with mini exercises throughout, reinforcing your cyber learning.

This training is accessed via . If you would like to benefit from this training programme but you don’t currently have a DevZone licence, you can apply for one of our free places, with access to ACCIRP for three months.*

There’s limited availability so if you would like to apply, please click here and let us know your name, email address and your brokerage.

What will the ACCIRP modules cover?

Module 1: Introduction to cyber risks

This module will demonstrate what a cyber risk is and how it's identified. You'll also learn what types of cyber attacks can occur and who carries them out.

Module 2: Cyber terminology

Introducing some key terms that you'll encounter when dealing with cyber risks. This will help you to recognise and understand key terminology, for example phishing or malware.

Module 3: Why do customers need cyber insurance?

After completing this module you'll be aware of the prevalence of cyber crime in the UK and how cyber threats are growing, the common misconceptions surrounding cyber threats and what these threats are, based on industry sector.

Module 4: Cover provided by cyber insurance

This module will help you get to grip with how cyber policies work by helping you understand the covers commonly included with a Cyber Insurance policy, the key policy wordings associated and their common exceptions and conditions.

Module 5: Claims response and management

Understand the importance of timely and accurate reporting. It will also help you understand loss mitigation and remediation, as well as effective claims management.

Module 6: Underwriting factors

This module demonstrates and highlights the importance of the key underwriting factors used in cyber insurance and how they're used in assessing cyber risk.

Module 7: Objection Handling and How to Sell

By completing this module you'll be able to identify the common objections associated with selling cyber insurance and understand ways of overcoming these objections.

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New to Aviva Development Zone: The Aviva Certified Cyber Insurance and Risk Professional Certification.

An introduction to all things cyber that gives you the confidence and know-how to determine and discuss the cyber risks your clients face and to understand the key elements Aviva's covers offer to combat these risks.

With 7 learning modules, this 8-hour CPD course lets you trade cyber uncertainty for cyber certification.

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