Ensure your clients are adequately protected when their vehicles are back on the road

Following the recent announcements by the Government of the easing of the lockdown measures, it’s important to consider the actions some businesses may have taken during this period to reduce cost.  

One of the flexible initiatives we highlighted to support this was ‘Laid Up Vehicles’. Some of your clients will have taken advantage of this. As we’re now beginning to see more company vehicles getting back on the road (and this will only continue to gain pace as more businesses return to trading), we want to ensure that there’s as little chance as possible for them to start using their vehicles again without the adequate insurance being in place.

If your clients still have laid up vehicles on their schedules, we’d suggest checking with them about their plans for vehicle usage. If they’re back on the road without the relevant insurance being reinstated, they’re running the risk of being stopped by the authorities, receiving a licence endorsement, being fined or not having their claim settled following an incident.

Here are the best ways for you to update us with any changes:

For Fleet customers:
  • Simply contact your local underwriter with the details of which vehicles need their cover increasing and from when (we cannot backdate cover). Please utilise cover notes if appropriate.
For Fast Trade Minifleet customers: 
  • You can access Fast Trade and amend their vehicle cover details online from the appropriate date.
For Motor Trade customers:
  • Contact your local underwriter with the relevant vehicle details to allow them to amend the vehicle numbers on the policy, alongside the All Risks sums insured if appropriate.
For Fleets on an unspecified declaration basis and Motor Trade customers: 
  • The Motor Insurance Database (MID) must be updated by yourselves or your clients with the correct vehicle details before they are used on the road.

In each circumstance, where an immediate pro rata return premium was issued when the vehicles were amended to laid up cover, an immediate additional pro rata premium will be charged when the cover is increased.