Getting out of lockdown, tackling the unknown and our continued commitment to brokers

Our strategy remains focussed on our commitment to champion brokers, supporting you, your businesses and your clients.

In this video Karen discusses the challenges affecting the industry, the unique situation and the fear of the unknown and shares the ways Aviva is taking steps to support brokers and clients further with extensive expertise and resources. All focussed on helping businesses get back to business quickly and safely. 

The solutions and support in place from us have been built from the questions and demand we’re hearing from you and your clients. Karen invites brokers to keep sharing these thoughts with us through her, or your local Aviva Sales Manager.

“My understanding and belief in brokers is that you’re all incredibly resilient and you can adapt to whatever challenges you face into.  And therefore, I want you and your families and your businesses to be safe, but I also want you to see Aviva as a partner of choice and link in with us, engage with us. Collaboratively we can get through this together.”

Karen Jackman