If you're keen to grow your business, we're here to help

Whether you’re starting on your Marketing Plan, wanting to improve your social media, would like access to free content, or just want some helpful hints to make quick wins, our new set of tools are designed to help save your business time and money: 

1. Broker Create

Now with better functionality, and new content for you to share with clients, including:

  • Risk Management Bulletins
  • Cyber documents to help you educate your clients
  • Business Development templates
  • Videos and posters to promote early notification of motor incidents

Log in to www.brokermentor.co.uk and select Broker Create. 

2. Marketing Elevator

Our new interactive tool is all about helping you to level up your marketing. Use it to speedily assess how effective your current activities are, and then see how your score compares to what other brokers are achieving. You’ll then be served up guidance that will help you polish up your marketing skills and focus your activity.

Log in to www.brokermentor.co.uk and select Marketing Elevator. 

3. Your Marketing Memo – relaunching soon

If you have previously signed up to our Marketing Community, you’ll be delighted to know that our Marketing Memo will soon start dropping into your email inbox again. 

Not signed up? Simply go to your ‘Communication Preferences’ on ‘My Account’ within Aviva Broker and opt in to our ‘Weekly Marketing Memo’. 

4. Exclusive Marketing Community LinkedIn Group

New for 2021, we’re inviting all Marketing Community members to join our online forum. A community where marketing-minded brokers can:

  • Get answers to marketing specific questions
  • Learn from each other
  • Receive all the latest marketing support news from Aviva

Simply visit our group page and ‘Request to Join’. 

For any further information or enquiries, you can get in touch with us by emailing marketingsupport@aviva.com