Improvements to our Commercial Combined product

As the demand to write more business online continues to increase, we need to respond to that demand by continuously developing the capability of our products. And the latest enhancement to our Commercial Combined product is a direct result of the wider needs we’re now seeing presented via online platforms. 

So, to help satisfy those needs we’ve added a range of new optional covers to our online Commercial Combined product on Fast Trade and Acturis eTrade.

These new covers have been added to help increase our quotability and to respond to your desire to place more of your business online.

What are the new covers?

From 1 May 2022, you can now select from the following additional optional covers for both new business and renewals:

  • Stock in the Open – a new optional cover available under the Material Damage section. This provides theft cover for moveable property in the open, subject to approval by our team of dedicated underwriters via the usual referral process.
  • Deterioration of Stock (Frozen Food) – a new optional cover available for a range of specific trades where Stock cover has been selected. This provides cover for deterioration of refrigerated/frozen food up to a maximum sum insured of £10,000*
  • Stock at Third Party Premises – a new optional section that provides cover for stock held at any third-party premises within the defined territories, subject to approval by our team of dedicated underwriters via the usual referral process.
  • Loss of Licence – a new optional section available where Business Interruption has been selected. This provides cover for loss of licence or loss of Club premises certificate.

*available for units up to 10 years old

What else has changed?

We’ve also taken this opportunity to provide more clarity around the cover we provide for business property away from the premises. Previously catered for under the Temporary Removal clause of our Contents section, we’ve now renamed this as Business Property away from The Premises making our cover intention clearer for your clients. We provide this cover as standard up to 10% of the Contents Sum Insured*.

To give you more confidence in recommending Aviva to your clients we’ve also made it clearer during both our Fast Trade and Acturis eTrade quote journey that cover is provided.

This change will be effective for new business from 1 May 2022 and for renewals from 13 June 2022 (cover is still provided for business prior to that renewal date under the Temporary Removal clause).

*Inner limits may apply

Stretching the capability of CCI online

We’ve big plans to stretch the boundaries of what digital trading can offer, allowing you to start and finish more business online. CCI continues to be one of our key areas of investment for 2022 and there are even more developments for the product on the horizon. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

As always, if you’d like to leave us some feedback, or let us know how else we can improve, use the ‘Feedback’ button in the ‘Options’ menu on Fast Trade.

Helping to mitigate risk for your CCI clients

We want to work with you to help your clients understand the potential risks they face and the steps they can take to help reduce these and prevent larger losses in the future. Here’s some helpful risk management resources based on the most common claim types we receive for CCI clients: