Improving tradability for our Digital Minifleet product

We caught up with Gary Smith, Minifleet Performance Manager, to discuss some of the recent changes we’ve made to our Digital Minifleet product to help make it easier and quicker for you to trade with us online.

Streamlining our quote process

'We’ve taken on feedback from brokers on elements of our quote journey that could've been simpler, which is why we've introduced the re-quote facility. Our previous quote journey meant that if you needed to make a change to your quote information, you’d have to update and go through every screen again. This change now means that a re-quote can be processed from the screen the amendment is made. This has been implemented not only on our Minifleet product, but also Commercial Combined and Property Owners.

We’ve also made some enhancements to our referral process that make getting to the quote stage quicker. The first of these enhancements is when a referral requires an additional questionnaire to be completed for some haulage risks or risks exposed to hazardous goods or locations. Previously, once our Underwriters had picked up a referral, they'd send over a follow-up questionnaire based on the referral reason. Now if a quote refers, the additional questionnaire is available instantly for online completion and upload on Fast Trade and the system will be able to identify which questionnaire is required based on the referral reason. This enhancement reduces the touch points with Underwriters, meaning we’re able to streamline the referral process and get brokers a quote faster.

Another way that we’ve improved the referral process, is by allowing you to indicate a target premium that you’d like to achieve. This way when the referral reaches an Underwriter they can take this into account and get you a much quicker decision.

Stretching our online capability 

To make it easier for you to keep your existing business online, we’ve increased our mid-term vehicle limit flexibility from 18 to 30 vehicles. Previously, quotes referred at renewal if the schedule had increased to over 18 vehicles. We've increased this upper limit to 30, and if we establish it's not likely to expand further than 30 vehicles, we'll look to keep it online.

We've also stretched our haulage appetite for Minifleet from 4 to 6 for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes. For haulage schedules that are for 5 or 6 x 7.5 tonne vehicles, the Fact Finder questionnaire will display online for completion from you to try and keep your business online.

Improving our cover

We’re also continually reviewing and where possible, improving our Minifleet product. We’ve increased our cover for hybrid and electric vehicles to make sure that cover for things like charge points, charging cables and electric vehicle batteries are covered as standard.

As always, we want to continue to deliver the changes and improvements to make it easier for you to trade our Minifleet product, so please keep providing us with your feedback on what works well and what could work better.

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