Keeping you informed on SME Liability claims

We’ve recently developed the way we operate in Liability claims; allowing our teams to become real experts at the specific part of the claims journey they work in.

As part of this process we have analysed the broker demand and been able to identify the key stages in a liability claim process when you are most in need of an update from us.

So, when can you expect to hear from us?

Following this analysis, our teams will be contacting you to update you at the following key milestones:  

Initial contact: This will be on the first day we set up the claim. Your handler’s contact information will be provided.

Liability decision date: This is the point at which a liability decision has been made and what our position is.

Once the claim has settled: At this point we will let you know the claim has settled along with a breakdown of costs paid.  

Litigation: We will update you if there is a threat of litigation  

Please note: We strive to engage you and your clients throughout the decision stage of the claim before a final decision is made and will involve you to ensure we have your agreement or understanding on the need to proceed based on the evidence.

The timescales we have to work to in the Ministry of Justice Portal are 30 working days for employers liability and 40 working days for public liability. Our aim is to ensure as many claims are retained in the portal as possible in order to reduce claims costs and allow us to negotiate a lower settlement where possible, however there may be occasions where the investigations are complex and require a longer time frame, meaning the claim will drop from the Portal and move into the Civil Procedure Rules phase, allowing 90 days in total.

Please also be aware that the timescales for obtaining medical evidence can be up to 10 months, possibly longer in the current situation. We will continue to keep the claim files up to date during this time so that no surprises come to light at valuation stage. 

When we have agreed an offer for general damages we will advise you at settlement stage of the details.


We understand that sometimes you will need an update on the present position of a claim that falls outside of this timeline. In this instance, did you know you can self-serve your claims data and download the information directly from our website?

The claims data is refreshed every 48 hours so will give you an up-to-date view of your claims history as well as any open claims. This includes up-to-date estimate information and total costs paid. 

Contact your Claims Service Manager for access to claims data.