Our Build Back Better commitment

Build Back Better is the UK government-backed Flood Re-led initiative under which we’ll offer up to £10,000 for flood resilience measures on top of the cost of repair following an eligible flood claim.

From July, Build Back Better funding will be available on all home claims for flood damage to the home, regardless of whether or not they’re ceded to Flood Re, where

  • the total cost associated with repairing damage to the buildings is £25,000 or more and;
  • a flood survey identifies resilience measures as beneficial in reducing future risk.

We’re building Flood Re ceding capability for every software house, so watch out for further communications on this throughout the year.

Flood claims can be devastating for our customers and their families and repairs can take time and be complex. By improving the resilience of a property, they can be better prepared for future flooding. Keeping out as much water as possible helps to reduce damage and make it quicker and safer for households to clean up and move back in.

What are the flood resilience measures that will be used?

A flood survey will identify the most appropriate action for each property and our expert supplier partners will advise customers on the most appropriate measures to put in place. These could include:

  • Changing materials used in the construction of the property
  • Adding waterproof membrane to the walls
  • Using flood barriers on doors or installing flood doors
  • Installing self-closing air bricks and non-return valves on drains
  • Raising electrics and plug sockets

How this helps with our sustainability agenda

Build Back Better aligns to Aviva’s Sustainability commitments. Our Building Future Communities report highlights the urgent need to make UK homes more flood resilient. As an example, the carbon cost of restoring a flooded home can equate to 55 car trips from Land’s End to John O’Groats, or six and a half return flights from London to New York.* By improving the flood resilience of a home and mitigating the possible damage after a flood event, this can be significantly reduced. 

Building in resilience may help reduce the risk or impact of future flooding, and many individuals who have taken steps to make their homes more resilient to flood are already seeing the benefit. Well known campaigner Mary Dhonau has created a useful e-book on the subject. Find out more here

Want to find out more about Build Back Better?

Visit Flood Re's website to read about Build Back Better, winner of the ESG: Sustainability Initiative of the Year award at the 2022 British Insurance Awards

Find out more here

*Building Future Communities report 2023 - Aviva