Our continued fight against fraud

We’re really proud of our ongoing effort to tackle fraud in the insurance industry and our 10 year campaign against ‘cash for crash’ claims.

Over the last 12 months we’ve continued this fight against fraudsters and have refused 20,000 motor policies for fraud and defended over 1,300 claims at trial.

Take a look at this document for more statistics about our defence excellence record.

This represents a strong performance when considered against a backdrop of factors including:

  • The various lockdowns during the pandemic reducing levels of traffic on the road overall for periods of time
  • The Whiplash Reforms, which came into effect in 2021, driving a change in behaviours, with fewer Motor Bodily Injury claims being presented
  • The pandemic resulting in closures and backlogs at courts and fewer cases progressing through the legal system

“As these results show, Aviva won’t pay fraudulent claims, even if we have to spend some money to fight them and will defend our customers and their reputations. Motor injury fraud is different from other forms of fraud: it often involves organised gangs targeting innocent motorists to deliberately cause accidents, putting motorists at risk of physical harm, and diverting scarce public resources away from real need. We’ve welcomed the Government’s Whiplash Reforms which we hope will deter these criminal gangs and reduce the opportunity for this fraudulent activity.” Rob Lee, Director of Casualty Claims & Fraud Prevention.


How can you help?

Whilst we'll continue to be vigilant when it comes to spotting fraudulent claims, you can play a vital role in supporting us and communicating the importance of early claims notification to your clients.

We ask you to encourage your clients to report all motor incidents to us as soon as possible, however minor they may seem and stress the importance of taking down the details of the third party. You can also highlight the benefits of full information gathering – any additional material such as photos, CCTV or any witness details could help if a fraudulent claim is made against your client or if a claim is disputed. These actions can help us to reduce the opportunity for fraud and work towards a fairer system for honest motorists.

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