Our continued investment in digital trading

2023 has been another year of digital trading development as we continue to take on your feedback and react to economic and market conditions. We’ve been investing in our digital trading teams and platforms to help make sure that we’re bringing the best of our products and services to you.

We want to thank you, as this year we were awarded 5 stars for Fast Trade in the Insurance Times eTrading Report for the fifth year running. We also received a five-star rating for our service via eTrade for the second year in a row and picked up Insurance Times Awards and Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards for ‘Best Insurer Extranet’ and receiving the silver award for ‘Excellence in eTrading’ respectively.

In this article, we hear from David Hockey, Head of Digital Trading, on his reflections from the year.

‘We recognise that continuous improvement and innovation is important to keeping Aviva relevant to our broker partners. We’ve continued to deliver a wide range of change for our brokers, this year alone we’ve made 400 changes to our digital trading platforms.

As well as having the leading Digital Trading platform and service support, we want to provide our brokers with additional protection advice and the tools to help them drive great customer outcomes during challenging economic times.

The tough climate has seen many businesses looking to cut costs, often leaving themselves with gaps in their insurance portfolio meaning they might not be able to operate if the worst should happen. Our Client Dashboard tool on Fast Trade provides brokers a clear summary of a client’s portfolio and can highlight any additional areas of protection that they should be considering. Since its launch in late 2022, our Client Dashboard has provided £2.3m of extra customer protection, involving 1,400 additional policies.

Underinsurance is once again a top risk in 2023, so we’ve continued to develop our underinsurance technology and can now provide an underinsurance flag across all our property products on Fast Trade. So far 780 customers have acted on our advice and increased their sums insured, helping our brokers protect their customers should they need to make a property-related claim.

Alongside this, we’ve continued to deliver a strong and consistent service level for our brokers and been focused on recruitment and upskilling our people to help make sure that this level of service is maintained and improved in the years to come.

Looking forward to 2024, we’ll keep listening, acting on your feedback and investing in our people and platforms so that we’re bringing the best of Aviva to you. Thank you for your continued partnerships and support.’

David Hockey – Head of Digital Trading - Aviva