Cross-sell recommendations on Fast Trade

Did you know Fast Trade is helping to support your growth ambitions by showcasing genuine cross-sell opportunities?  

Refreshed last year, the client dashboard on Fast Trade – which appears when looking at an individual client - was given a new, clear user interface as well as introducing helpful status tags to let you know when a renewal is due and when a mid-term adjustment (MTA) or cancellation is pending.

The dashboard was also enhanced to be able to identify relevant and meaningful cross-sell opportunities for your clients. The product recommendation feature uses data modelling to suggest products that clients similar to yours would typically buy.

If appropriate, you’ll see these appear as a ‘Recommendation’ and you’ll be able to start a quote straight from the dashboard. To be able to quote quicker, we’ll prepopulate some of the questions in the quote journey based on what we already know about your client.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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What can you expect in 2023?

We recently sat down with our interim Director of Digital Trading, David Hockey, for a quickfire Q&A on our digital trading proposition to help understand how our offering via Fast Trade and Etrade is evolving to meet your needs.

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