Specialty Lines Hub

Access to our Specialty Lines expertise all in one place

Welcome to our Specialty Lines Hub; the place where you can find useful content designed to educate and upskill you and your clients on specialist and emerging risks.

We’ve been investing in and building on our regional specialty lines capability and part of that work has been focusing on developing and growing our team. As such, our colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and expertise they want to share with you about these types of risk.

The material on this page should help you dispel some common myths often associated with these niche products and give you the tools you need to talk to your clients with confidence about these developing exposures.

Useful Resources

Cyber Playbook

Help your clients understand their cyber risks and how our insurance cover can support them.

Why your clients need Cyber cover

6 excellent reasons for your clients to start considering cover today

Management Liability Playbook

Take a look at our range of products and limits.

Why do your clients need Management Liability cover?

What are the main reasons to take out a Management Liability policy?

Trading Tools

Specialty Lines Appetite Guide and Contacts

An overview of our appetite and contacts.

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