Aviva Cyber Respond: Cyber cover for small business clients

We’ve expanded our cyber offering and Aviva Cyber Respond is now available to quote and buy, simply and quickly, on Fast Trade and Acturis eTrade. Aviva Cyber Respond is our new lower-cost cyber product, designed with very small businesses in mind; businesses that are exposed to cyber threats but are unlikely to have the resources or capability to deal with a potential incident. These are typically customers with less than 10 employees and a turnover of less than £1 million.*

Aviva Cyber Respond key highlights include:

  • Covers your clients against damage to IT systems, loss of data and acts of cyberterrorism
  • 24/7/365 incident response: a dedicated incident manager can co-ordinate the incident from the outset, bringing in the right experts when necessary, including IT forensic specialists and PR experts to manage reputational impact
  • Access to a telephone counselling service, should your customer or their employees suffer with their mental wellbeing following a cyber incident
  • Minimum premium of £50 + IPT (excluding External Cyber Crime cover and subject to individual circumstances and the cover level selected)
  • Standard indemnity limits ranging from £25k to £100k (with up to an additional £10k if Cyber Crime is selected as an optional cover)

Businesses of all sizes have never been more vulnerable to cyber risks, with IT and data often crucial to the day-to-day running of many companies. Small and micro businesses make up the vast majority of the UK business population, yet many are underprepared to deal with cyber attacks and unaware of what they’d do in the event of a breach. In fact, 38% of SME’s don’t think they would be a target of a cyber attack1

Without continuity plans in place or access to specialist IT support, an attack could have a huge impact on an SME, compromising reputation and livelihoods. Often with less sophisticated cyber security measures than bigger organisations, small businesses can be an enticing target for criminals. We can help provide small businesses with the appropriate cyber protection in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

"I'm really excited to be bringing to market a product designed specifically with micro businesses in mind - a segment that has typically been underserved by the cyber insurance market. By providing a product that these customers can more easily see as being relevant for them, and at a price point that is much more accessible, I believe we will be able to significantly close the protection gap."

Stephen Ridley, Head of Cyber

To support the new Aviva Cyber Respond product, you can download our useful checklist to demonstrate which covers are included within this new product, compared to those that are covered in our existing cyber offering, now called Aviva Cyber Complete.

We recognise that your clients have different cyber needs depending on the size, scale and sector of their business. We can now offer Aviva Cyber Respond and Aviva Cyber Complete to cater for differing requirements. We can also offer Cyber Excess of Loss to those who require higher indemnity limits. To support our updated cyber proposition, we’ve also produced a cyber playbook to help support your conversations with your clients. You can download it here.

For more information on how we can support you in providing cyber cover to your clients, speak to your usual Aviva underwriting contact or visit the cyber page on the Aviva Broker website.

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*Eligibility may also depend on trade. This product may not be suitable for all customers in this category.

1 Aviva SME YouGov survey