Cyber cover

Our product removes the complication from Cyber insurance. Providing comprehensive cover for first party, third party and reputational management costs, alongside comprehensive support throughout the Cyber value chain. 

Clear comprehensive cover & loss prevention services

Available standalone or as part of a package with access to risk management partners to improve cyber risk management strategies

24/7 incident response & post loss analysis

Access to our network of incident response specialists followed-up with analysis of the incident and remediation support

One policy traded your way

With one policy wording for on and offline, we're giving you the flexibility to trade cyber your way

Product details

Why Cyber cover?

Protecting their data and preventing others from accessing it is a significant  business concern for your clients. Our policy provides a wide range of covers to help protect your client when their information security processes fail - whether it's a result of a phishing attack, an accidental release of data or ransom demand. 

Access to Experts

Our cyber cover comes with access to specialist partners to provide training and innovative solutions to manage and improve cyber risk management strategies. 


  • Our policy is designed for businesses with a turnover up to £250m
  • Turnovers up to £50m can be quoted automatically by your local underwriter, or on Fast Trade and Acturis eTrade
  • For larger risks we will need some further information, please talk to your local underwriter
  • Whilst our cyber insurance is suitable for most, there are some trades which are outside of our appetite such as E-Service providers, E-Commerce risks, Financial Institutions, Utility companies, Media & Publishing, Software Houses and certain Health & Social Care trades

What does our Cyber insurance cover?

Cover for the organisations assets

  • Breach response - includes forensic experts, legal advice, notifying affected customers and offering credit or identity fraud monitoring services
  • Damage to data, websites and software
  • Loss of revenue due to a malicious attack, extortion or a data breach on your IT systems or your outsourced IT or data provider
  • Additional expenses to reduce the reduction in revenue - this could be the cost to hire extra staff or equipment
  • Extortion - recovery costs or ransom payment if a hacker holds the business to ransom or threatens to reveal sensitive data until a ransom is paid
  • Costs of notifying customers of a data breach
  • Loss of the business money due to an external hack into your IT network or by Social Engineering fraud
  • The cost of unauthorised telephone calls and charges made by an external hacker
  • Protection against a breach of Data Protection Regulation where insurable by law - this includes cover for defence costs and regulatory fines


Cover for liabilities to third parties

Compensation and defence costs if a claim is made against the business for:

  • Negligently transmitting a virus to a third party
  • Data privacy and confidentiality liability
  • Financial loss that results from the loss, disclosure or destruction of third party confidential commercial information
  • Costs resulting from non-compliance with payment card industry data security standards. This includes fines, charges and recertification costs
  • Multimedia Liability - copyright or trademark infringement from use of online media. Cover for defamatory comments made online, including costs to remove online content to avoid a claim


What's not covered

Some of the key exclusions are listed below - for the full list, please refer to the policy wording:

  • Acts of terrorism, however cyber terrorism would be covered
  • Loss of money due to fraud or dishonesty of an employee
  • Failure of the internet, utilities and telecommunications
  • Errors or omissions in any professional advice or services
  • Any proceedings or claims brought by a subsidiary, parent or associate company
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets, licence fee or royalties in respect of intellectual property
  • Any fine, regulatory or statutory payment or criminal prosecution unless insurable by law


Aviva's Claims Response Line: 0800 051 4473*

Speed is of the essence in the aftermath of a cyber incident, so businesses need a strong team to manage the event. Our incident response managers are available 24/7 to co-ordinate the necessary specialist IT security, Legal and PR experts to get the business back up and running as quickly as possible.

What's involved? 

  • Immediate Support - incidents don’t always happen during the working week therefore customers need a 24/7 guaranteed response 
  • Identification and restoration - expert forensics to identify what has happened, contain & resolve it (including data restoration) 
  • Minimisation of reputational damage - Legal & PR expertise to minimise the effect of the breach on the insured’s reputation 
  • Notification of affected individuals - data subject services, including costs, to notify those affected by the breach. Includes credit monitoring services
  • Investigation - consultancy to prepare for any investigation into the breach by regulators
  • Excess - only payable once if it's necessary for a specialist to be appointed - if advice led then no excess is payable
  • Resilience Improvements - costs to improve the resilience of your client's computer system following a claim

* For joint protection, telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality and training purposes.

Calls to 0800 numbers from UK landlines and mobiles are free. The cost of calls to 03 prefixed numbers are charged at national call rates (charges may vary dependent on your network provider) and are usually included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles.

Quote and buy

You can quote and buy this product through Fast Trade for businesses with turnovers up to £50m.

Alternatively, for those clients who don't meet Fast Trade eligibility or have more complex needs, please contact your local trading office.

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Business support

Cyber resources

We're committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise on cyber insurance so we've produced a range of useful materials to support your client conversations.

Cyber Playbook

Designed to highlight the risks to businesses, this broker guide examines industry specific threats and the increasing need for effective risk management proceedures and comprehensive cyber cover.

Cyber Proposition Guide

Our cyber insurance proposition looks to combine comprehensive cover alongside expert support throughout the cyber value chain, to provide a simple, broad and affordable coverage for businesses with turnovers up to £250m. 

Why do your clients need cyber insurance?

Six reasons why your clients should consider cyber cover.

Broker Cyber Checklist

Use this checklist to see how our cover compares to your client's existing policy.

Cross-sell opportunities

Commercial Crime

Our Cyber cover includes an element of External Crime cover, however if your customer needs wider protection they should consider our Commercial Crime cover. 

Contact your local trading office for more details.

Management Liability

Protection for individuals and businesses from claims made against them.


Protection for hardware, software and invaluable data.

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