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We’re clear in our desire to champion a thriving independent broker market. Whether you’re considering exiting your business, looking to grow through acquisitions, undertaking a structural change such as a management buy-out (MBO), or you just aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got a wealth of expertise and support to help get the best outcome for you and your business.

We understand the highly sensitive nature of succession planning. You can be assured that any discussions you have with us will be confidential and independent of your day-to-day Aviva sales and trading relationships. We can assess where you are in your succession journey right now, provide expert confidential consultancy and put you in touch with funding, legal, accountancy or compliance specialists if required. We’ll support you in taking the next step.

Find out how Aviva can help you with your succession plans by speaking in confidence to our succession team:

Nick Burrows: 07889 363 549 or

Luke Jones: 07800 690 025 or

Thinking about the future for you and your business?

We believe it’s never too early to consider the options available to you as a business owner – whether that is deciding to sell or looking for ways to acquire and grow. Our succession team are on hand to guide you through the process, with confidence and confidentiality.

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Catch up on our recent succession webinar where our panel explored different exit options, discussed how and when to prepare for sale and the typical process involved and answered broker questions. 

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Nick Burrows, Senior Proposition Manager: We’re frequently asked why we offer this type of support. We at Aviva feel that succession planning is vital, but when it comes to selling your business it’s arguably the biggest decision of your working life. This can put people off, limiting your options and ultimately making the final decision harder. It’s vital in our opinion, that you take as much time to plan and seek as much guidance and expertise as possible.

Phil Pearce, Succession Team Leader: We’re here to help you whether you’re acquiring another business, thinking of exiting the industry, or undertaking a structural change, such as an MBO. And in many cases, most brokers know they need to do something, but just don’t know where to start. We operate completely independently to your day-to-day Aviva sales and trading relationships and rest assured, we will adhere to absolute confidentiality with these discussions. But we recognise we are not brokers. That’s why we have a range of professional partners to support us, ranging from M&A consultants, accountants, lawyers, funding experts and compliance specialists who can help you through your succession journey and help you realise your hopes and ambitions.

Stuart Millar, Propositions Manager: We typically start with a consultancy session, with one of the Aviva team and one of our succession partners and that’s fully funded by Aviva. And from there we deploy additional support depending on where the help is most needed. And if you require more detailed work, we will be clear with any charges up front.

Nick Burrows: We are passionate about seeing a thriving, independent broking sector and that’s why we have a dedicated Succession team who are here to support you every step of the way.

For a confidential and obligation-free conversation about your succession planning, contact:

Stuart Millar: 07800 690732

Nick Burrows: 07889 363549