Protecting your Aviva Broker account

Two-Step Verification is live on our Aviva Broker website. We recommend that you set up this feature, as it adds an extra layer of security that helps keep yours and your clients’ information safe and secure.

Why is this important?

Protecting your online accounts is critical to keeping your valuable information safe. If a criminal accesses your online accounts, they could: 

  1. Access private information about you including banking and financial details,
  2. Send emails and messages pretending to be from you,
  3. Reset your account passwords and gain access to other important online services.

How can criminals gain access to your accounts? 

  • They’ll use the most common passwords to try and access your accounts, or use online information about you  – such as from social media accounts – to try and guess your password. If successful, they could then try to use this same password to access your other online accounts. 
  • They’ll also try and trick victims into giving up their passwords by creating fake emails – known as phishing – that link to dodgy websites, or use other persuasive methods, like contacting you through social media. 
  • Even if you create strong passwords, they can still be stolen if an organisation holding your details suffers a data breach. Criminals can try and use these stolen customer details (such as username and passwords) to try and access systems and accounts (known as credential stuffing). 

Use Two-Step Verification to protect your online accounts further

With Aviva Broker’s Two-Step Verification service, you’ll get sent a text with a verification code. Here's how you can set up Two-Step Verification:

  • Log in to Aviva Broker
  • Go to ‘My Account’ in the ‘My Services’ menu
  • Under ‘Security’ select the ‘Two-Step Verification’ option, and then ‘Set up Two-Step Verification’
  • Enter your mobile number, with no spaces (this needs to be a UK mobile number) 
  • Enter the verification code from the text message we send to your mobile

Have any question?

If you want to find out more about Two-Step Verification, you can view our FAQs.

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