Refining the quote journey for our Shop and Salon product on Fast Trade

To make the quote journey for Shop and Salon on Fast Trade more consistent with our other products, and to help you provide more accurate information about your client to simplify your quote journey, we’ve made the following changes:

Dynamic Assumptions

Rather than having to confirm your client meets the criteria of all statements before continuing your quote, you can now select each individual assumption that applies. This also allows you to include additional information before the quote is submitted, so if your quote is referred, our underwriters have more information upfront. This flexibility helps to develop a clearer picture of your client to improve quotability.

How you tell us about your non-standard risks

To improve the efficiency at referral, we’ve amended how you can tell us about non-standard risks, especially for the construction of the property. You can now let us know about specific details like the construction material for non-standard Properties online. By capturing this information up front, this will give our underwriters more information to help provide a more seamless referral process.

If you have any questions on these updates, please contact your Broker Development Manager.

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