New - search clients functionality

Our new ‘Search Clients’ functionality is now available when you log into Aviva Broker.

Where you would normally see your multiple options like ‘Quotes, Manage Policies, Collections’ there's an additional option for ‘Search Clients’.

Here you’ll be able to search for clients via their name, postcode or policy number and be able to easily access your recently viewed clients. Within the client page you’ll see all the live commercial policies that are linked to that client, irrespective of channel - whether you traded them online or via one of our regional underwriting teams.*

From the client page you’ll be able to access their policy information and any recent policy documents. You can also link policies to a client where the name or postcode may differ slightly and un-link any that are appearing where they shouldn’t be. All other ways of accessing your policies and documents remain unchanged.

By bringing all of your live commercial policies* into one place, our aim is to make it easier for you to find the important information you need and in fewer clicks.

Having a single view of customer via the Search Clients tab means we can begin to build a personalised broker journey around the customer needs, meeting more of your demands. Presenting faster access to digital transactions, information and our teams that are relevant to the customer, alongside our commercial insight to address issues such as under insurance.

Jason Chambers, Head of Digital and Data Solutions

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You can now view all the clients live commercial policy information, in one place, when you log into Aviva broker.

So it takes you fewer clicks to get where you need to be and delivers a clear, single view of your client.

Your landing page now features a search clients field from which you can find all live policies linked to a client by using a policy number, postcode or the client's name.

Another time saving new feature on your landing screen is the recently viewed section beneath the search field, so you can return to a client you've been dealing with, with just one click.

Once you've pulled up the policy you want, you'll see a summary from which you can view E-documents from this screen. You can also access the policy itself.

Plus, you can view any other policies the client has by selecting view more policies.

Notice there's a policy missing? Input the policy number and you can link it to the client's other policies by checking the client's details and confirming link this client.

Alternatively, if you find two clients that shouldn't be linked to each other, you can unlink them just as easily.

And that's that. Having a single view across all the clients commercial policies should: improve your Aviva Broker user experience, develop a clearer understanding of your client's policies and make your day-to-day life that little bit easier.

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Take a look at our Search Clients FAQs

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* Search clients will give you visibility of all your commercial clients across business placed via Fast Trade, eTrade, Acturis, Specialty Lines and Regional business. It doesn't include Personal Lines, larger corporate policies, Legal Indemnity products or policies on POET, Workbench and IRIS.