Supporting the wellbeing of you, your staff and colleagues

We all recognise that life can be pretty stressful and with April being Stress Awareness Month, now is a good a time for us to ask, “how are you?” And, equally important, “how am I?”

Our Wellbeing Hub on Aviva Broker is here for you and your colleagues too. It offers guidance on everything from menopause to employee burnout. Reading it could give you that one piece of insight that helps you to give better support to yourself and those around you.

Wellbeing templates to dual-brand and share with clients

By heading over to Broker Create you can tailor, download and share three new Wellbeing templates with your clients. They look at;

  • Mental Health – warning signs that someone may be struggling with their mental health and some helpful links if you're concerned - you can use it as an office poster or flyer.
  • Employee Burnout – identifying the causes of burnout, how it can present itself and six ways employers can help tackle it.
  • Sleep Better - tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

To find out more about Wellbeing and access our wide variety of support available, have a look at our Wellbeing Hub today.