Supporting your Personal Home and Motor Customers

This is how we’re supporting your personal home and motor customers by getting behind the Association of British Insurer’s 5 step insurance pledge should anything go wrong during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It includes supporting any of your customers by extending cover for those who:

  • are office workers and are now having to work fom home
  • cannot work from home
  • are deemed key workers
  • who are helping their communities by transporting medicines or groceries
  • are needing to make a claim

Your customers won’t need to contact us to update their documents or extend cover, but should they need to make a claim, we’ll automatically apply the principles set out below. This is effective from 20th March 2020 until further notice.

  • Supporting office workers now having to work from home

As more of your customers are now having to work from home, they may need more of their office equipment such as computers, monitors and furniture that they wouldn’t normally have in their homes. Whilst not ordinarily covered by their home policy (whether as core cover or extended home office cover) we’ll be treating home office equipment* in their homes as ‘contents’ so that its covered under their home policy for any valid claim. All other policy conditions/terms will remain unchanged.

*Home office equipment cover items that you own or are legally responsible for.

  • Supporting those who cannot work from home

Some of your customers may now need to drive to work as they're unable to use their normal route such as public transport or car share. We’re therefore extending cover for any customers who only have Social Domestic Pleasure to Social Domestic Pleasure & Commuting.

  • Supporting key workers

If your customer is deemed to be a key worker (as listed by the government) and they need to use their own car to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of Covid-19, their cover will not be affected.

  • Supporting people who are helping their communities by transporting medicines or groceries

If your customer is undertaking unpaid voluntary work to help their local community in the collecting and delivering of medicine or groceries because of the impact of Covid-19, their cover will not be affected.

  • Supporting customers who need to make a claim

We’re currently still available 24/7 for any new or existing claims to support your customers. Due to the ever changing impacts of Covid-19, this is being continually reviewed but we are scaling up our remote working capability to ensure we are there for your customers when they need us most. We do ask however, where possible, for your customers to notify claims online if this is an appropriate channel for them.

Our aim is to help you and your customers by being flexible and understanding. We’ll continue to review our insurance coverage to see how we can help and support you through this difficult period.