The power of client relationship management

Expanding your expectations of mid-market insurance is achieved by bringing all the best parts of Aviva together, in one place, at the right time. Mid-market businesses often miss out on the government support initiatives smaller businesses receive, and sometimes not having the right infrastructure to access the same commercial resources as some corporate organisations, they can be left without the relevant industry expertise needed as their businesses become increasingly more complex. 

As business environments and risk landscapes evolve rapidly, it’s never been more crucial that both insurer and broker keep up with these changes, and as a result, the change in the insurance solution that is required. 

That’s where our established Mid-Market client relationship management team can help. With a prevention-led approach, our Client Relationship Managers (CRM) are there at the point of demand for your larger, more complex mid-market clients.* We’re committed to taking the time to understand your client’s business, inside and out, ensuring that we are delivering an exceptional and tailored service.

Acting as a single point of contact, our client relationship managers can coordinate the breadth of what Aviva has to offer - where relevant to your client’s needs. A CRM can provide access to; our industry focused underwriters, claims relationship managers and our risk prevention consultants, as well as our wider specialist partner network. From jointly identifying target markets along with effective prospecting, to pitching to win by tailoring our Mid-Market proposition around your client, we can help to overcome the challenges of creating new business relationships.

By working together in that tripartite relationship, between insurer, broker and client, we can assist your mid-market clients in their growth prospects and in creating legacies for the future running of their businesses.

To learn more watch the exclusive Insurance Age Q&A session with one of our very own Mid-Market Client Relationship Mangers, Domini Bucknell, who discusses the key benefits of the CRM proposition in supporting your mid-market clients to thrive, today, tomorrow and in the future.

*Subject to acceptance criteria