Your company brand – make yours a business builder

Building your brand is certainly going to be worth your time and energy – why? Because building it to be a powerful differentiator could help boost your sales (plus substantially increase the value of your business). The more appealing and positive it is to customers, the more likely they are to buy from you.

But when you think about your branding, what comes to mind first? Your logo? Your letterhead? The design of your website?

Visual identity is important, but when you think about the world’s most successful brands, there’s one thing they all have in common: the positive way they make us feel. People typically buy on emotion, then justify their decision with logic.

Looking at your brand, which emotional benefit is going to be most effective at making your customers feel positive towards you? Here are some examples that may help you to work this out.

Actions points to help build your brand

1. Send out an annual customer satisfaction survey.

A simple survey can be a valuable way to pinpoint the primary emotive reason why your most valuable customer segment is loyal to your business. Plus, it’s one way of helping to evidence that you’re providing good customer outcomes for your clients.

2. Make sure that you’re delivering your brand promise.

For example, if exceptional customer service (friendly, trusted and respectful) is your differentiator, then consider running through this checklist to see if any of these proactive suggestions are useful.

3. Promote your message wherever possible.

Once you’ve constructed an effective customer proposition as your brand promise, seek to actively promote it across all your marketing media.

Why not put aside some time in a future team meeting to review your website, social media, emails, newsletters, branded merchandise etc. Discuss whether potential clients be impressed by what they see and is your brand identity consistent?

When laid out side by side on a table, does it look like it all comes from the same company? If not, then think about how you bring everything together to have the same look and feel, to really leverage the power of your brand.

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