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Introducing Aviva Commercial Combined cover

Our digital Commercial Combined product can provide cover for businesses who have up to 10 premises with a maximum turnover of £10 million in manufacturing, wholesale, sports, arts, community, leisure or those who provide services.

Why do clients need Commercial Combined cover?

Small businesses may not face the magnitude of claims faced by larger businesses, but their size might actually make them more vulnerable if an incident does happen. 

Many clients need certain covers to protect their business such as:

  • Employers' Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • Products Liability
  • Public Liability

Why choose Aviva's Commercial Combined cover?

Our Commercial Combined insurance brings together a number of covers, so your client doesn't need to manage or pay for multiple separate policies.
What's covered as standard?
  • Employers' Liability - required by law if the business has any paid or unpaid employees this provides cover if anything happens to their employees as a result of the work they do
  • Legal Expenses - whether it’s debt recovery, an unexpected employment dispute, damage to property or client contract issues, this cover can provide reassurance if your client faces misunderstandings and disagreements that result in legal action
  • Products Liability - if your client sell items, product liability insurance covers your clients business if one of their customers or member of the public becomes ill or suffers an injury because of a product they've supplied
  • Public Liability - supports your client with legal fees and compensation pay-outs if your client is accused of causing injury or property damage
  • Property Damage - provides cover in the event of damage to any contents, machinery and plant or fixture and fittings in your client's business
  • Money and Assault - losing money, whether by accident or theft, we can help to protect against losses from their premises, at their home and whilst in transit.


What optional covers are available?
  • Business Interruption - here to help your client get back on their feet and trading as usual if they're impacted or have to close their doors due to an unforeseen insured event
  • Property Damage - your client can add buildings, stock and tenants improvements to widen their property damage cover to their business
  • Computer breakdown - for the reinstatement of data and any increased costs of working to minimise disruption to your clients business
  • Goods in Transit - if your client transports any goods as part of their business, we can provide cover against damage or theft to those goods
  • Machinery Damage - cover for breakdown, explosion, collapse or operator error for plant and machinery to help the business continue trading
  • Terrorism - protection for property that's damaged or destroyed following a terrorist attack including subsequent business interruption
  • Personal Accident - this cover is designed to provide protection for the business and support for the employee if they experience a work accident, death or serious injury
  • Employee Dishonesty - in the event of loss of money or property following theft or fraud by an employee, we can help to protect your clients from the loss

Did you know?

Policyholders can also access a range of legal help and advice through our Aviva Business Law website, powered by Farillio. Your clients can get access to business and legal guides, along with help for everything from branding to tax planning. 

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Our dedicated claims service is there whenever your client needs us – they can call our 24/7 claims line or email us anytime. 

Your client will be allocated a claims handler, who will support them throughout the entire process, but they’ll also have access to our panel of solicitors working in litigation and claims investigation.

Our defence excellence team will be on hand to help protect your clients against fraudulent claims and also give advice on best practice procedures and legislation that can help companies enhance their risk management strategies.

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