Can you offer an Introductory No Claim Discount for ex-company car drivers on Personal Lines motor policies?

Yes, we'll allow the number of years the client has been 'claim free' while being insured on a company car* at normal terms, providing the individual is aged between 25-75 years and

  • Has had the sole use of a company car*, including social, domestic and pleasure use (occasional use by fellow employees is acceptable).
  • Have lost the use within the last 12 months.
  • Is the registered keeper and owner of the proposed vehicle - we would accept lease agreements, as long as they are in the name of the individual.

We'd need a signed declaration, confirmed by the employer, stating:

  • The period during which the proposer had the use of a company car* and that such use has terminated.
  • That social, domestic and pleasure uses were permitted.
  • That no accidents or losses occurred during the period claimed, which would have prejudiced no claim discount.


*Excludes company vans.