Exciting news for switchers

Exciting news for consumers switching to Healthier Solutions

We’ve been working hard to enhance our service offering for those looking to switch to Healthier Solutions and giving more clients the chance to join Aviva.

Valuable feedback has helped us understand what we need to improve to make consumer switching easier. Following a review of our approach, we’re pleased to announce that the first phase of changes are now in place and ready to use.

What’s changed?

Underwriting Philosophy

  • We’ve reviewed key medical underwriting decisions with others to follow, building in more flexibility and fairer decisions for prospects
  • Ability to add exclusions to consumer switchers with current MHD or Continued Moratorium underwriting
  • We’ve created a new Underwriting Guide which gives you greater clarity on our Underwriting Philosophy, meaning you can answer underwriting queries quickly

The process

  • Review of Switch Declaration to increase consumer understanding of the heart question and improve our risk assessment. Download the updated application form.
  • Improved onboarding journey for those with Condition Specific Exclusions, ensuring their policies get activated more swiftly
  • Our eSolutions User Guide will show these changes

These improvements should not only simplify the application and quoting journey but ultimately helps us to continuously strengthen our service to you. We have more changes planned in the coming months so watch out for the update!

Want to find out more or have any feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to call the Health Trading Centre on 0800 158 3348.

Calls may be recorded and/or monitored.