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Where there’s wellbeing there’s a way

We want to help you support your clients as they seek to live their best life. That means encouraging them to consider their wellbeing in terms of everything they do – what they eat, how active they are, their mental health, how they sleep and how they spend and save money.

By promoting healthier habits and incremental shifts in attitudes and actions we help people make informed, balanced and positive lifestyle choices.

Whether it's through MyHealthCounts, Aviva Digital GP, Get Active or the Stress Counselling helpline there's a service to support them.

Physical wellbeing

By offering services that promote physical wellbeing to your clients, we can help them live healthier, happier lives

Mental wellbeing

By offering services that promote Mental wellbeing to your clients, we can help address potential problems before they become more serious

Why is wellbeing important?

Wellbeing isn’t a one size fits all approach, so not every benefit offered will suit everyone – this is why it’s important that a broad range is on offer for your clients

Who’s eligible?

All Aviva Healthier Solutions customers can access our wellbeing services at no additional charge. We think it’s important that your clients can easily find support to live well and stay healthy every day, alongside the peace of mind that’s provided by the healthcare cover included in their policies.

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Knowing me, knowing Q

What is it?

MyHealthCounts is an online programme designed to help your clients understand, monitor and improve their health.

Once they've registered, they simply complete the questions on the website in order to get their ‘Q Score’. Knowing their Q Score helps them to see how their health compares to other people like them – but that’s not all.

The higher your clients scores are, the more they could save when they renew their cover – up to a maximum of 15%. As of August 2020, 46% of members that registered for MyHealthCounts received the full 15% discount at renewal.

What are the benefits?

We think it’s important that people can easily find support to live well and stay healthy every day, alongside the peace of mind that’s provided by the healthcare cover included in an Aviva health insurance policy. MyHealthCounts incentivises users to do just that.

How can client’s access this?

MyHealthCounts is provided to all of our Healthier Solutions customers at no additional cost. Members over the age of 18 are invited to join the programme after a policy is purchased.  

To access MyHealthCounts your clients can register at: myhealthcounts.aviva.co.uk where they can also read our terms and conditions.

Where can clients get help with questions?

If your clients have any further questions about MyHealthCounts, they can contact the Customer Management team at: healthadmin@aviva.com


Aviva Digital GP

Aviva Digital GP

Doc around the clock

What is it?

Aviva Digital GP is like putting a GP in your clients' pocket. Powered by Square Health, it’s an app which provides 24/7 access to five GP video consultations per year and repeat NHS prescriptions (all NHS England exemptions are accepted) with free UK delivery – all at the touch of a button. The service is provided at no additional cost to Aviva Healthier Solutions insurance customers.

How is it helpful?

Aviva Digital GP could help minimise downtime when your clients need a GP consultation or are seeking medical advice, giving them swift and convenient access to GP video consultations and repeat NHS prescriptions.

What are the benefits provided by the service?

When time matters, this app helps

Video consultations can help save time, with no need to visit a GP surgery. Your clients can book appointments 24/7 and could have one in as little as 30 minutes – most are available on the same day, but all are guaranteed within 24 hours. The appointment slot with their selected GP will last for up to 15 minutes.

GP choice

Clients will be offered both male and female GPs to choose from. They can also select to search for a GP whom they have seen previously, via the app, within the last six months, so they can book directly with them. Additionally, they can review GP bios and make a selection based on who best suits their needs, based on the profiles of the GPs included.

Consultation advice

After a GP consultation, they will be able to view the advice they have been given and their consultation history, all within the app.

Repeat NHS prescriptions 

Your clients can order prescribed repeat medication within the app (all NHS England exemptions are accepted) and get free UK delivery.

Private prescription delivery service

Your clients have the option to choose delivery of medication to their home, office or other nominated location – or they can choose to collect from their local pharmacy. All private prescriptions will carry an associated charge.

Can add child cover

If your clients have any children under 16, they can add them to their account for paediatric consultations, with a limit of up to 10 children per member.

How can your client's access this? 

Aviva Digital GP is available to all Aviva Health customers who are residents of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man at home ot abroad.

They will be sent an invitation to register with, and start using, Aviva Digital GP after purchasing an eligible policy with Aviva.

Terms and conditions and the privacy policy for Aviva Digital GP can be viewed in-app before your clients sign up. Mobile data charges may apply. This service is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can withdraw at any time.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Aviva Digital GP, please speak to your usual account manager.

Guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic

During this uncertain time, your clients should continue to use Aviva Digital GP as usual for non-COVID-19 related illnesses or questions. The service is there to help, particularly when it may be harder to get into their usual primary care practice, or when people may be self-isolating and unable to go out.

Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms, or who has questions regarding COVID-19, should follow the latest NHS guidance detailed at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus.

Get Active

Get Active

Shape up, don’t shell out

What is it?

Get Active helps your clients stay fit and healthy with discounts on online workouts as well as more than 3,000 health and fitness clubs nationwide. It also gives them access to a variety of discounted products and services… all designed to help them, and their families get active and keep healthy.

How is it helpful?

Getting fitter, happier and healthier 

Regular exercise – inside or outside the home – builds confidence and helps people feel good about themselves. It could also help combat disease, prevent weight gain, improve energy levels and reduce the risk of stress and anxiety. 

Getting fit and making new friends

Looking after health and fitness can offer many great social benefits too, helping to keep people motivated and on track, while opening up opportunities to build a wider circle of friends – online as well as at a health club or gym.

How can your client’s access this? 

Get Active is available at no extra charge to all Aviva Health customers. Details on how to access this service are provided in the clients policy documents. 

Terms and conditions and the privacy policy can be viewed on-line before signing up. Please note: completing the sign up process, either online or in person at the participant’s selected health and fitness club, may result in their entering a binding contract with the gym selected. This could include conditions such as minimum term and monthly fees. Participants should read the terms and conditions relating to their chosen gym carefully.

This is a non contractual benefit and can be removed at any time.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Get Active, please get in touch with your usual Aviva account manager.


Stress Counselling

Stress Counselling helpline

A little more conversation

What is it?

The Stress Counselling helpline is a service that offers your clients the chance to talk in confidence to trained counsellors about issues they may feel are causing stress.  The helpline can be a good place to get help with either personal or work-related stress issues.

How is it helpful?

Stress can develop when people feel that they’re having difficulty with the demands and expectations they face. Talking and sharing can be the first step in helping your clients to work through problems and resolve them.

This is where the Stress Counselling helpline can offer support.

What are the benefits of this service?

The best time for your clients to get confidential help is as soon as possible. Allowing issues to build over time can create bigger problems down the line. 

How can your client’s access this service?

The Stress Counselling helpline is available 24/7 to all Aviva Health customers aged 16 or over. Details on how to access this service are provided in your clients policy documents.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Stress Counselling helpline, please get in touch with your usual Aviva account manager.

Mental Health Support Articles

Mental Health Support articles

A little bit of support

What is it?

Aviva want to help your clients when things become too much for them, their loved ones or the people they rely on. People who are experiencing stress, anxiety or poor mental health can find it difficult to get back on track. We can provide support.

How is it helpful?

As a part of our wellbeing services, we offer your clients access to articles, video and other resources designed to help manage and improve mental health.

This service is a non-contractual benefit that Aviva can withdraw at any time.

How can clients get access?

Details on how to access the articles are provided within your clients' policy documents. Alternatively, speak to your usual Aviva account manager.  

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this service please get in touch with your usual Aviva account manager.

Helping you sell

Finding the right clients

How do we communicate these services to your clients?

Any questions?

How to apply

Aviva wellbeing services are available as part of our PMI cover.

If you want to find out more:

Speak to your usual account manager



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