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Aviva UK Health

Our long term strategy is to promote the good health and continued wellbeing of all our customers, whether they’re private individuals or the employers or employees of a business client. That’s why we listen so carefully to you, the advisers – and value your feedback on what customers and clients need.

We anticipate change; we draw on our experience to deal with it; we respect the opinions of the people buying our products, and we pro-actively use our expertise to engage in ‘thought leadership’ activities right across the public healthcare arena.

A great proposition

Our products cover many aspects of health and wellbeing from straightforward diagnostic cover to more complex products that deal with health-oriented absenteeism in the workplace, for example. This means that we can make use of overlapping areas of expertise – helping your clients get the right treatment, and intervening whenever it’s appropriate to help prevent a claim, if at all possible.

In addition, we commit significant resources to not only helping you sell our products today, but also to researching and developing our services so that we can help people improve their health in the future. 

Our commitment

We believe that everyone should be able to access quality private medical treatment. That’s one of the reasons we no longer just offer healthcare products in isolation. This makes it easier for you to recommend a suite of products.

At Aviva we believe your clients want products that offer a degree of familiarity and consistency; that are as and easy to use as possible; flexible enough to meet their needs and their budgets – and supplied by a company with the strength, expertise and stability to still be providing them in years to come.

Why Aviva?

You and your clients will benefit from our commitment to delivering great private medical solutions. 

By listening to what's most important to our customers, we’re able to offer propositions and training that meet your needs. You can even request a visit from our field team. They’ll come to you to train and support your staff, helping  you create a new revenue stream for your business.

If you like what you’ve seen, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you make a success of selling PMI. Our team at the Health Trading Centre are trained in all aspects of the business. They’re on hand ready to assist with any PMI question and can manage your query from start to finish.

To get in touch, contact  tradingcentresupport@aviva.com