Mental Health Pathway

Wellbeing in mind

Mental health management for your clients' employees

Our mental health pathway offers an extensive range of cover to make sure your clients’ employees get access to quality talking therapy and counselling. We’ve partnered with providers who meet our quality of care standards and all the employees need to do is call our claims team and we’ll route them straight through to our third party clinical provider for assessment and required treatment.

Reducing sickness absence

86% of claimants were able to seek treatments whilst remaining at work (1 Jan to 31 Oct 2023)

Simple claims process

Employees only need to contact us once – our third party provider takes care of everything else

Star treatment

Dedicated account management for you and your client

Product details

Why Mental Health Pathway?

The mental health pathway gives your clients’ employees a clinically guided journey with evidenced treatment outcomes. It’s designed to help prevent absenteeism, improve recovery, and increase return to work rates.

There’s no need for employees to wait to see their GP. They can self-refer, and our team will put them in touch with our third party clinical provider for an assessment.

They’ll then be able to access the most appropriate treatment option to suit their needs, including talking therapies, counselling, and psychiatry, via online modules, phone consultation, video-consultation or clinic based face-to-face therapy.

For employees

  • Rapid access to treatment – employees can refer themselves for an assessment with a mental health practitioner
  • Clinical treatment determined by front end mental health experts – ensuring the employee is routed to the most effective treatment
  • Cover is based on personalised clinical care – no excess or out-patient limits apply. Treatment continues as clinically appropriate, reducing delays in treatment for talking therapies and unnecessary admission to in-patient care
  • Simple claims process – employees only need to contact our claims teams once. Their treatment is then overseen by our third party clinical provider, leaving them to focus on getting better
  • Range of treatment options – online cognitive behavioural therapy, remote talking therapies, face-to-face treatment, psychiatrist/psychiatric specialist assessment and in-patient treatment where clinically necessary
  • Wide range of practitioners – a network of over 3,500 clinicians including: Practitioner Psychologists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Consultants, Counsellors and Psychiatrists.

For your clients

  • Reducing sickness absence in their business - 86% of clamaints were able to seek treatment whilst remaining at work*
  • Prompt access to mental health assessment – rapid access into our third party clinical service enables employees to seek the support they need at the first signs of emotional distress, helping them to stay well for both work and at home
  • Supporting employees in managing the current high pressure ‘always on’ society – online support tools and relapse prevention plans for effective self management enabling employees to manage the challenges of normal life after their treatment.

* Mental Health Pathway Report, Portfolio Comparison, Jan 2023 - Oct 2023

Mental Health Pathway Plus

Recognising that every company has different needs, we offer an expanded option, Mental Health Pathway Plus, which has the addition of two key benefits:

Addictions cover

  • Any addiction covered
  • Access to one addictions programme
  • Early access to out-patient support, helping tackle the issues before they impact the individual’s work and home-life
  • In-patient treatment where clinically indicated
  • Clinically governed, stepped care pathway.

Removal of the chronic condition exclusion for treatment through the mental health pathway

  • We’ve removed any restriction on chronic mental health conditions and have provided defined clinical support for them
  • Front-end clinical assessment and stepped-care pathway for mental health conditions.

The Mental Health Pathway simple claims process

Step 1
The employee should call our customer service helpline where one of our advisers will transfer them through to our third party clinical provider for a thorough assessment or we can arrange a suitable call back time. There is no need for the employee to get a GP referral.

Step 2

Following the telephone assessment, the therapist will agree on the most appropriate help for the employee from a range of treatment options ranging from self-directed online support through to remote talking therapies, face to face treatment or further assessment by a psychiatrist/psychiatric specialist, if clinically necessary.

Which documents should you use?

Mental health pathway literature is a useful guide for you when you’re talking through the options available to your clients.

It’s important that you get to know the brochure well, as it gives full details of both mental health pathway and the mental health pathway plus option. It will also help you conduct a compliant sale.

These documents explain how the option works

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