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Use our Hospital List Checker to show clients facilities close to their homes or businesses. Type in a postcode OR select a county. Filter your results to show which hospitals are included on which Hospital Lists.

  • Please note, all Trust hospitals are included in county searches. Only Trust hospitals within a 30 mile radius of your customer’s home/business address can be selected.
  • Trust hospitals more than 30 miles from the postcode will not be shown.
  • Trust approved hospitals are sometimes single-specialty hospitals. For example, they may only offer cancer treatment or only cardiology treatment. These will be shown as Trust - Single Specialty in the list below so please check that as well as there being a Trust hospital local to your client, it is one that can offer treatment for a range of conditions.
  • NHS care only hospitals will not show on this list.
  • Hospitals in Northern Ireland are not available on the checker. If you are looking for a hospital in Northern Ireland please download the PDF version by clicking the link below.
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