Clinical information

The right treatment, at the right time, in the right place

Giving your clients the benefit of our clinical expertise

After many years of providing private medical insurance (PMI), we know how essential proven clinical excellence is to your clients. You can use our long-standing expertise to help build client trust.

High quality healthcare

We fund safe and effective investigations and treatments with proven clinical outcomes based on the latest clinical research to suit individual needs

Proactive condition management

Our expert case management teams are our claimants' advocates, proactively and empathetically managing all aspects of their care

Benefits to employers

Help your client become an employer of choice through wellbeing initiatives that create a happy, healthy and motivated workforce 

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Clinical philosophy

Our clinical philosophy is grounded in the four pillars of medical ethics: maleficence, do no harm; beneficence, do good; autonomy; and justice - and is the foundation of every aspect of our work.

Our commitment to delivering value drives us to innovate. 

Together, these qualities have helped us to create ways of working that are responsive, and intuitive to our customers' personalised needs. They have allowed us to become champions of prevention and prompt intervention.

Clinical governance

Evidence-based medicine and clinical expertise


Discussing a serious illness like cancer is rarely a comfortable experience for you or for your clients during a meeting. We're here to support you, which means providing information that helps you explain the benefit of features like our cancer cover to your clients.

Cancer is a diagnosis that no one wants. Most people don’t think about the cancer care offered through a private medical insurance policy until they need to use it. However, it’s a subject that can help highlight the value of having a PMI policy in place.

We also offer expert care throughout the cancer journey with our recent introduction of a range of cancer support services.

Sharing information, raising awareness

Being aware of ‘customer cues’

Useful questions to ask individual or family clients

Useful questions to ask business clients

Clinical Case Management

Through initiatives such as BacktoBetter and the mental health pathway, we're empowering your clients to access safe, evidenced-based treatment designed to deliver the best clinical outcomes.

Clinical case management

Our approach to managing your clients and their employees - whether it's after a physical injury leaving them with musculoskeletal symptoms, or whether they need support for their mental health - is about helping them get better as quickly as possible. As our clinicians are embedded within our claims teams and processes, our claims assessors can access this expertise quickly and easily, enabling them to focus on claimants physical and psychological recovery.

To get the best outcomes, your clients and their employees need to know they’re getting the most appropriate support and treatment for their injury or problem.

Our knowledge and experience of private medical insurance and bodily injury liability claims helps us understand and demonstrate how to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective use of healthcare interventions. We can then focus on helping claimants get better quicker at the same time as driving cost effective outcomes for clients.

Aviva’s approach means:

  • Intervening as early as possible to offer the right treatment, at the right time to drive the right outcome
  • Drawing on our experience to deliver support and treatment that drives tangible clinical and commercial outcomes
  • Providing consistent clinical case management for our customers when they need it and supporting tailored return-to work plans

For your clients and their employees

For you