Clinical Philosophy

Giving your clients the benefit of our health expertise

We've got years of experience in private medical insurance (PMI). Our team of expert clinicians help us develop and shape our products, meaning everything we do is informed by medical input.

High quality healthcare

We fund safe and effective investigations and treatments with proven clinical outcomes based on the latest clinical research to suit individual needs

Proactive condition management

Our third party case managers are our claimants' advocates, proactively and empathetically managing all aspects of their care

Benefits to employers

Help your client become an employer of choice through wellbeing initiatives that create a happy, healthy and motivated workforce 

Clinical philosophy

Our clinical philosophy is grounded in the four pillars of medical ethics: non-maleficence, do no harm; beneficence, do good; autonomy; and justice - and is the foundation of every aspect of our work, helping shape and develop our products.

Our commitment to delivering value drives us to innovate. 

Together, these qualities have helped us to create ways of working that are responsive, and intuitive to our customers' personalised needs. They have allowed us to become champions of prevention and prompt intervention.

Clinical Governance

We’re constantly striving to improve the quality of our services, and to ensure we maintain high standards of care. We do this using a clinical governance framework that ensures our customers have access to the right care, at the right time.

Chaired by our medical director, our Clinical Governance Forum meets quarterly to look at changes in legislation, monitor our suppliers’ clinical performance, consider clinical audit results, and review member feedback. This allows us to further improve the service we offer you and your clients.

In the era of AI and apps, we also review the health technologies that are available using our digital clinical governance expertise.

Evidence based medicine and clinical expertise

In our experience, the earlier a potential claim is dealt with, the more effective the outcome. To ensure that our customers can access the most appropriate treatments quickly, we use clinical research to review the evidence provided by specialists on:

  • Whether a particular treatment works
  • How well it works compared to other treatments
  • What the risks are, if any

New treatments are reviewed weekly by our Medical Panel, chaired by our Clinical Leadership Team using the above criteria.

These teams are kept up-to-date with the support of our panel of independent medical advisors and an internal clinical team with broad and extensive knowledge.

We try to make sure that our customers' individualised needs and wishes are taken into account when a suitable treatment is chosen through shared-decision making.