Cancer options

Offering additional choice and flexibility for large corporate clients

In recent times, we’ve seen significant enhancements in cancer treatments, meaning that people are now living with cancer for longer and the survival rate for some cancers has improved.

However, many of these advancements come with higher costs. A cancer claim can now significantly impact your client’s claims fund. This is particularly true for high-cost treatments such as adoptive cell therapies (for example, CAR-T cell therapy or TIL), ion beam therapy (for example proton beam therapy and carbon ion therapy), irreversible electroporation (IRE) such as nano-knife treatment, and stem cell and bone marrow transplants. 

While clients want to offer the best possible support for employees during their treatment with cancer, some may not have the appetite (or budget) to take the additional risk these high-cost treatments could represent to their claims fund and future premiums. That’s why our large corporate cancer cover offers more choice and flexibility for your clients..

Clients can select from three cancer options

Since 1 April 2023, clients covered on an Optimum or Optimum Referral healthcare scheme have been able to select from three different levels of cancer benefit. 

Any of your existing clients still on our previous levels of cover (Core, Enhanced and downgrade options) will be ‘mapped’ onto the most appropriate option from their renewal date. Your Aviva account manager is on hand to discuss this with you.

Find out more about these levels in our Changes to Cancer Levels brochure (PDF 948kb)

Three levels of cancer benefit:

Level 3

Providing extensive cover at every stage of the member’s treatment, with no limit on targeted therapies or other high-cost treatments such as CAR-T cell therapy. This option also provides support to help make living with cancer that bit easier. This includes money towards prostheses, a wig and a mastectomy bra.

Recognising that some clients want to offer extensive cover whilst also controlling their claims fund, there’s also the flexibility to cover targeted therapies but not high-cost treatments if your client would prefer. (See supporting brochure for a full list of these treatments.)

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Level 2

Offers comprehensive cover and everyday support, while helping control costs by removing cover for high-cost treatments. It also reduces cover for targeted therapies and other treatments and drugs used to maintain and control metastatic disease plus bisphosphonates to either 24 or 36 months.

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Level 1

Controls cost further by focusing cover on diagnosis, immediate surgery, chemotherapy, and treatment. This option doesn’t include benefit for high-cost treatment and therapies and limits post- surgical support. It also removes the ‘every day’ support such as money towards a wig.

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Enhanced Cancer Support

Whichever option your client selects, they’ll also benefit from a wide range of cancer support services throughout their cancer journey and beyond.

Dedicated Cancer Claims Team

Our Cancer Care Guide

Cancer Care with Get Active*

Cancer Care with Aviva Digital GP*

Talking Through Cancer


* These services are a non-contractual benefit Aviva could change or withdraw at any time.

Find out what’s included in our cancer benefit levels and our cancer support services.