Putting you first with our Broker Portal

Our Broker Portal is live for SME policy administration.

‘Digital First’ underpins everything we do. Over the past year we’ve introduced new technology to enhance the service experience we offer you and your clients.

We’re delighted to announce that our new Broker Portal is live. Tailored to the needs of brokers like you, it offers a host of great benefits with new ones being added over time.

The Broker Portal can be quickly and easily accessed via Healthpoint. To start using it you just need to call 0345 3000 511 to register first. Remember, calls may be recorded and/or monitored.

If you are already registered on Healthpoint, please call us to get access to the new features.

In the mean-time, watch our video below to learn how to log-in and start using Broker Portal.

Currently, you’ll be able to take control of your SME clients’ membership administrations. This means you can make the following changes online:

  • Update members’ addresses
  • Delete members
  • Add dependants
  • Change members’ names

We’ve focused first on these simple membership changes as this is what intermediaries have told us are high priority features.

Always working for you

Rest assured, we won’t stop there.  We’ll be adopting an ‘agile’ approach, rolling out new functionality in phases – gaining your feedback and fine tuning it as we go along. Look out for new SME renewal quote functionality coming in 2020.

A reminder of our key digital developments

The launch of the Broker Portal follows on from a series of digital enhancements. These include:

  • Making more individual and SME PMI customer documents available digitally at renewal meaning quicker distribution, while continuing our ambition to significantly cut the amount of unnecessary paper we use.
  • Servicing many administrative requests for your SME renewals in real time such as re-quoting and emailing renewal terms and renewing a policy. 

The support we’re offering your clients has also gone from strength to strength:

Over 239,000 Health insurance customers have registered with MyAviva with around 1:9 health claims now being submitted digitally. We’re making health guidance and support more accessible for your Health clients through Aviva Digital GP.

Watch our video to learn how to access and use Broker Portal

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