Reflections on our digital enhancements in 2023

Over the last 12 months, we've invested in our broker digital experience by introducing lots of new features on our Aviva Broker website.

As part of our continued investment in digital solutions, we wanted to refine or improve existing processes as well as introducing new solutions that make it easier for you to interact with Aviva. Here are some of our highlights:

Two-Step Verification

We now have Two-Step Verification capability on our Aviva Broker website and over 1000 of you have chosen to activate this on your account to help keep yours and your clients’ information safe and secure. You may also have started to see a reminder that Two-Step Verification capability is available on the site when you log in.

It’s a really simple set-up process through your Aviva Broker account and all you’ll need is a mobile phone that we can send a code to when you log in. This is something you might already be doing on banking and commerce sites.

Self-Serve capability for regionally-traded Commercial policies online

Last year, we launched self-serve capability on Aviva Broker for your regionally-traded Commercial policies. This year we've been busy delivering improvements to the tool in response to your feedback.

Enhancements this year have included:

  • Reduction in total refers by 50%
  • Policy Number appearing on the renewal confirmation page
  • Removing the requirement to have a space in the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) when adding a vehicle

This month we're also adding a field so you can record the reason for the mid-term adjustment (MTA) on the transaction record. And next year, we have plans to deliver a change of registration number only and the removal of the restriction in processing MTAs on policies shortly due for renewal.

Please remember: You can now bind all renewals through the tool where terms have been issued by one of our Underwriters. You can find out more here.

Search Clients

In June, we introduced Search Clients’ functionality, which allows you a single view of your clients’ live commercial Fast Trade and regionally-traded policies. You can access policy information, documentation and the ability to link or unlink clients. Over 25,000 searches have already been completed and it empowers you by offering personalised client-level insight and delivering an efficient process that means less referrals.

Notify Claim

After introducing Track Claims and Claims Data functionality in 2022, we've further enhanced our claims service in 2023 with the capability for you to notify motor and property claims online.

As part of our ongoing development of Notify Claim, you can now save your claims part-way through a notification. So, if you don’t have all the information to hand straight away, save your progress, come back later and pick up where you left off.

The claims service is easily accessible through the website, simply log in and navigate to the Claims tab on the homepage. If you don’t currently have access to our Claims self-serve features, this is also where you can request access – you’ll be directed to your Aviva Broker account to do this.


Self-serve underinsurance reports – you can now access underinsurance reports for your clients, found in the Renewals folder in e-Documents. The report can help you identify underinsurance for up to 15 premises for any one client, recommend sum insured limits per premises and access to our Specialist Partners.

Watch this space

Next year, we've got some exciting things coming up. Here's just a snapshot of what we're delivering for our Commercial Scheme brokers:

  • Building Underinsurance Checker for our SME Scheme brokers: This tool will help to tackle the 42% of SME risks that are potentially underinsured*. This tool will support Scheme brokers to have underinsurance conversations during new business or renewal discussions. By simply inputting the postcode and existing buildings sum insured, the data will generate one of 4 results; 
    • Adequately Insured
    • High Confidence Underinsurance which provides a revised sum insured
    • Low Confidence Underinsurance 
    • Does Not Fit the Criteria.
  • Carto – Flood mapping: Carto will replace Hawkeye for SME Scheme brokers and it will provide enhanced flood mapping including visuals. The visuals provide a layered view of flood, surface water and sea defences. This will support Scheme brokers to make underwriting decisions with minimal referral to Aviva.

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*Based on Aviva's modelled data on SME customers with buildings insurance, September 2022.