Available as part of an eligible Individual, SME or Large Corporate healthcare product.

At a time when life can feel overwhelming, the Careology app can help to provide a simple way for your clients to feel in control of their cancer journey, and help to make their diagnosis a little bit easier to manage. 

The Careology app has been designed to help support individuals in staying on top of every aspect of their cancer treatment. So, whether they want to make a note of their questions, thoughts and feelings, receive reminders to take their medication, or keep track of their side effects and symptoms, the app holds everything securely in one place. 

With the Careology app, members can:

Monitor and record how they are feeling

The app allows individuals to monitor their symptoms, be alert to changes, manage their medication and responses to it. 

Receive reminders for medication

Create a medication schedule and set reminders to help them take their medication accurately and on time.

Share their health status with family and friends

Share their health status with their friends and family by providing nominated individuals with access to a read-only view of their app.

Access and share their health report

They can also download a health report through the app and share their cancer diagnosis and care with other healthcare professionals, if they so wish.

*This service is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can change or withdraw at any time.

This service is available to your clients' who have cancer cover on their scheme and an eligible cancer claim.

Careology is just one of our cancer enhancements, for more information see our Cancer Enhancements page or read our Employer Cancer brochure for our Large Corporate schemes or our Cancer brochure for Individual and SME clients.