Aviva cares about cancer

Enhanced cancer support to help clients living
with cancer

We understand that cancer can be overwhelming.

We provide information and support to empower your clients' employees to take back control of their lives. Because life is for living, even when that life has been affected by cancer.

Talking Through Cancer

A dedicated team of specialist cancer therapists to help your clients' employees work through the emotional ups and downs, offering compassionate support and practical techniques along the way.


A simple way for clients to record and manage information relating to their cancer care. It holds everything securely in one place, helping them to feel a little more in control at a time when life can feel overwhelming.


Cancer Care with Aviva Digital GP*

Swift, convenient, empathetic support from a private GP, available 24/7. For anything from symptoms that could be linked to a cancer diagnosis, to general medical concerns during and after treatment.

Cancer Care Guide*

Co-produced with Macmillan and packed to the brim with useful information and tips, empowering your clients to tackle cancer head on.

Cancer Care with Get Active*

Offers your clients savings on products and services to help make living with cancer that bit easier.

Dedicated Cancer Claims Team

Understanding, patient and empathetic, our expert claims team offer so much more than just paying your clients’ medical bills.

*These services are a non-contractual benefit Aviva could change or withdraw at any time.

Who are these for?

Talking Through Cancer is available on our Optimum products with cancer cover. 

Careology is available to your Individual, SME and Large corporate clients, who have cancer on their scheme and an eligible cancer claim.

Cancer Care with Get Active is available to your Individual, SME and Large Corporate clients regardless of their level of cancer cover. Aviva Digital GP cancer support is available to all Individual and SME clients and to those Large Corporate clients who have selected Aviva Digital GP.

For more information on these enhancements, please read our Cancer guide for Large Corporate Clients (PDF 179KB) and our Cancer guide for Individual & SME clients (PDF 250KB).

Our cancer offering is just one part of our private healthcare

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It takes a partnership to make living with cancer easier. It takes Aviva.